Urban Strategies for Culture-Driven Growth



Urban Strategies for Culture-Driven Growth. Co-creating a European Capital of Culture


Nils Wåhlin, Maria Kapsali, Malin H. Näsholm & Tomas Blomquist




Edward Elgar Publishing

Urban Strategies for Culture-Driven Growth. Co-creating a European Capital of Culture
De tre senaste årtiondena har Europas kulturhuvudstad blivit ett av de mest ambitiösa kulturella programmen i världen. I denna bok analyseras dess potential.
Europas kulturhuvudstad syftar till att uppmuntras månfald i en rad olika betydelser, och syftet är bland annat att öka förståelsen och den interkulturella dialogen mellan Europas medborgare. Detta menar författarna till boken kan bidra till tillväxt. De talar om en särskilt kulturdriven tillväxt.
På baksidan kan man läsa:
Over the past three decades, the European Capital of Culture has grown into one of the most ambitious cultural programs in the world. Through the promotion of cultural diversity across the continent, the program fosters mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue among citizens, thereby increasing their sense of belonging to a community.
This insightful book outlines potential avenues through which culture and creativity can raise the imaginative capability of citizens and harness opportunities tied to what the book calls 'culture-driven growth'. Building on three years of observations, interviews and research the authors argue that a 'strategy-as-practice' perspective can reveal how strategy making is enabled or constrained by organizational and social practices.
The authors reveal how the 'sweet-spot' of city regeneration occurs where urban and cultural planning are aligned. They then evaluate the practice of 'co-creation' within organizing bodies and investigate the extent to which its success depends on a fusion of top-down rules and bottom-up action.Urban Strategies for Culture-Driven Growth will appeal to international scholars and students in organization studies, geography, city governance and planning, urban design and urban and regional development. Policymakers and planners will also find it to be a valuable resource.