Support Forms


In principle, only PhD researchers can apply for funding from RJ. In addition to its annual regular support forms, RJ also has targeted initiatives and scholarships.

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) supports research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Applications for Programmes, Projects and Infrastructure for Research are announced once a year. Grants for Research Initiation may be applied for at any time during the year. Special targeted investments such as Flexit and Communication Projects are announced and reviewed in different ways depending on what the initiative is about. All current announcements are presented under Funding Opportunities.

Regular Funding Calls

Recurring, annual funding calls.

A joint, well-integrated research task carried out over relatively long periods (six to eight years) by a group of merited researchers who have connections to Sweden. The researchers are free to define their own research task.

Well-defined research tasks carried out by individual researchers and by small research groups who have connections to Sweden. The researchers are free to define their own research task. Projects are approved for up to three years.

Infrastructure for Research
To enable and promote future research, grants are approved for such measures as:

  • Establishing new research environments;
  • Creating platforms where cooperation between the research community and other institutions is developed;
  • Making important collections in archives and library available;
  • Setting up databases.

Research Initiation
Funding for organising different types of scientific meetings, such as conferences, seminars, and workshops and the creation of new research networks.

Targeted Initiatives

Occur in the form of recurring funding calls and one-off funding calls. Multiyear initiatives are listed below; the remainder can be found under the Research menu.

Here, RJ cooperates with companies and organisations outside academia. The researcher is employed for two years at a company/organisation and for one year at a higher education institution.

Pro Futura
Particularly distinguished junior researchers may devote more time to free research. The programme is a collaboration with SCAS, one of Europe's leading institutes of advanced studies.

RJ Sabbatical
Senior lecturers and professors can receive funding for six to twelve months to complete research that is already at an advanced stage and to write syntheses.

Communication Projects
RJ provides funding to disseminate research and increase collaboration with the surrounding community as a way of strengthening and renewing research communication and collaboration.

Europe and Global Challenges
Europe and Global Challenges wants to encourage European researchers to join colleagues in other parts of the world in tackling the great challenges of our day.

Swedish Foundations' Starting Grant
Swedish Foundations' Starting Grant wants to help younger researchers at the forefront of European research to be able to continue their research in the long-term.


Erik Rönnberg's Donations
These scholarships are to support young researchers' scholarly research on ageing and age-related diseases.

Humboldt Scholarships
Since 1989, RJ has had an agreement on guest researcher exchanges with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bonn.