Production grant


Production grants were previously called printing grants.

You can apply for production support from RJ if:

  • you have/have had support from RJ from the funding call Project or RJ Sabbatical
  • your funding was granted until 2019
  • you submitted your final report no later than 5 years ago
  • the costs you apply for are reasonable.

Send an application in word format to the research manager in charge. The application should include the following:

  • The RJ project's reference number
  • Current grant administrator
  • Brief description of what you are seeking funding for (for example scientific article, monograph)
  • Brief description of how peer review will be conducted
  • Link to/information about the publisher
  • Information about the article/monograph etc. will be openly available (gold, green or hybrid) and if so, which licenses and/or embargo periods will be applied
  • The total amount applied for in Swedish kronor with specification for each sub-amount, including any indirect costs (calculated according to the model used by the grant administrator).

Please note:

  • For all other research support, we use our own model for calculating indirect costs and costs of premises.
  • RJ compensates for costs already incurred.
  • Funds granted must be requisitioned for payment to a grant administrator.
  • In all publications, it must be clearly stated that support from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond has been received. Links to the publications that have received support must be sent to RJ (address), we do not accept physical copies.