OA for researchers with funding before 2010


Researchers with current RJ grants are urged and encouraged by RJ to publish their peer-reviewed work in academic journals and conference publications so as to make it freely accessible on the Internet. The same applies to monographs and book chapters. RJ provides special grants for open access (OA) publishing.

To facilitate publishing with OA, RJ awards grants of up to SEK 30,000 per project to cover the costs of OA publication.

  • Researchers who already have RJ grants should apply for OA publishing support either at the same time as applying for grants for printing their publications or in a separate procedure.
  • The application, sent by email to the research secretary most closely involved, must contain:
    • the project leader's name
    • the title and reference number of the project
    • confirmation from the publisher that the article has been accepted for OA publication
    • cost notification from the publisher.
  • Researchers who receive grants for OA publishing will be subject to the same guidelines as researchers awarded RJ grants from 2010.
  • Researchers' final financial and academic reports must state whether OA publishing has taken place and, if so, specify the publications concerned. If the researcher has received a grant for OA publication but nonetheless had no work published with OA, the reasons must be specified.