OA for researchers with funding from 2010


With effect from the 2010 application process, researchers awarded RJ grants have been required to publish their peer-reviewed work in academic journals and conference publications so as to make it freely accessible on the Internet. As for monographs and book chapters, RJ urges and encourages researchers to publish these, too, with unrestricted online access. RJ provides special grants for OA publishing.

RJ funds costs of OA publication with a standard grant of SEK 30,000 per project, which is added to the project budget. For programmes, the rule is that OA publication costs must be included in the programme budget applied for.

  • If the researcher opts for parallel publishing, the article must be deposited in an open archive immediately after its publication in the journal. The article must then be made freely available as soon as possible, or within a maximum of six months.
  • If the publisher does not allow parallel publishing or has a time limit exceeding six months before OA publishing may take place, the researcher must ask the publisher for an OA addendum to the publishing contract or else choose another journal. (For a sample letter and a sample contract addendum to use as starting points, for example, see the templates used by the National Library of Sweden.)
  • If this is unsuccessful, the researcher should ask RJ for an exemption from the OA rule and, in so doing, provide an account of attempts made.
  • If the researcher opts to publish work in an OA journal, the article should also be deposited in the host HEI's open archives.
  • In conjunction with the final financial and academic reports, the researcher must state whether OA publishing has taken place and, if so, specify the publications concerned. If the researcher has had no work published with OA, the reasons must be specified.