Production grant


Production grants were previously called printing grants. These are only awarded for manuscripts resulting from RJ's Project support form.

Project managers may apply for production grants at any time during the year via email to the responsible research manager. Popular science publications are more appropriate for a commercial publisher than for financing through RJ.

Applications to RJ are to be submitted by the project manager and contain:

  • An application cover letter (in Word format) that provides the following information: RJ's project reference number, a short description of why you are applying for the grant, a short description of how peer review will take place, links/information to the publisher/journal, the total amount being applied for in Swedish kronor with specification of any subtotals.
  • The manuscript.
  • Complete bids from at least two publishers or printers. The various costs are to be itemised as far as possible.

Please note that RJ only awards grants for printing costs and, under special circumstances, for costs related to layout and the creation of an index. Applicants are to provide an explanation if the cheapest bid is not recommended.

Please note that grants do not cover VAT and that the grant is only paid once an invoice from the publisher has been submitted.

Decisions about applications for production grants are made by RJ's Executive Committee (EC) that meets about five times a year. A scholarly assessment will be requested from a relevant member of one of the review panels to the EC making its decision. After the EC's decision, applicants may request an explanation for the decision, anonymously if so desired.

All publications are to clearly state that a grant from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond has been received. Links to those publications that have received grants are to be sent to Jenny Björkman,

Researchers financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond are to publish their results using open access, meaning openly available online. RJ has guidelines for open access publishing. These clarify what type of open access we finance. If you are applying for an open access publishing grant, your application will need to be supplemented.