Translation grant


This grant is only awarded for manuscripts or articles in Swedish resulting from RJ's Project support form.

Translation grants can be applied for by project managers at any time during the year and applications are submitted by e-mail to the responsible research manager. Popular science publications are more appropriate for a commercial publisher than for financing through RJ.

Applications to RJ are to be submitted by the project manager and contain:

  • An application cover letter (in Word format) that provides the following information: RJ's project reference number, a short description of why you are applying for the grant, the total amount being applied for in Swedish kronor.
  • The manuscript and an abstract in the language the work will be translated to.
  • Complete bids from at least two translators. The various costs are to be itemised as far as possible.
  • Letters of recommendation from at least two leading researchers within the research field and/or a letter from a well-known international academic publisher expressing keen interest in publishing the translated manuscript without a printing grant.

Applicants are to provide an explanation if the cheapest bid is not recommended. The application is to specify all costs, including VAT.

All publications are to clearly state that a grant from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond has been received. Links to those publications that have received grants are to be sent to Jenny Björkman,