Paula Mulinari

‘Malmö does not work, without our work’: A study of migrant women’s labour market participation

On both a national and Malmö level unemployment rates among foreign-born individuals, especially foreign-born women is increasing at the same time that unemployment is decreasing for Swedish-born. The project has the following aims: 1) to analyse the diversity and shared experiences of the labour market for women with a migrant background, and identifying the actors who are central to creating bridges into the labour market; 2) to identify a series of best practices in relation to labour market entrance through collaborative research strategies with migrant women, and key actors among non-governmental organisations and public service employees engaged in the topic.
The project is based on a mix-method approach, combining interviewers with migrant women of various labour market position as well as interviews with 20 key actors in the municipality, analysis of municipal documents exploring the topic migrant women and work. Finally the empirical sample will be completed by a series of work-shops on best practices with migrant women, civil servants and members of NGOs. The originality of the project lies in the documentation and analysis of the obstacles and possibilities that migrant women encounter when entering the labour market, from the perspective of the migrant women with a strong focus on gender equality and on an exploration of best practices through a bottom-up approach underlining the knowledge of the skills of central actors within the municipality and the city.
Grant administrator
Malmö stad, Stadskontoret
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SEK 2,332,000.00
Gender Studies